We’re compiling a list of the 100 greatest films ever made, in our opinion. Here are all the episodes in one place…. (in the order we’ve reviewed them)

Our List (so far…)

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Billy Wilder’s amazing comedy, starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. Witnesses to a vicious St Valentine’s Day gangster massacre, musicians Curtis and Lemmon take off and hide out as saxophonist and bass player in an all-girl jazz band. Championed by Morris Bright.



Carry On Film Talk

All of the FILM TALK team took a moment to contribute to a special episode celebrating our favourite Carry On films to coincide with the launch of FILM TALK in December 2018. We were invited by our friends at Carry On Blogging to write a guest blog post for them and we grabbed the opportunity to talk about one of the greatest British film franchises ever. Carry On Film Talk also includes a special guest appearance by Judy Matheson, star of Hammer Films’ Twins of Evil, along with countless other films and cult TV classics. Judy not only tells us her favourite Carry On film, but also give us an incredible world exclusive Carry On story.