SHORTLY AFTER THE ROYAL PREMIERE of his final film, Biggles, internationally acclaimed actor Peter Cushing reflected on his life and career during an hour-long interview that was thought to be lost to the archive.

Peter Cushing and Simon Ward

PETER CUSHING: IN HIS OWN WORDS is a feature documentary based around a previously unbroadcast radio interview recorded towards the end of Peter’s career in 1986. He is relaxed and in reflective mood, despite having been diagnosed with cancer. He became known to many as the epitome of evil on the silver screen, but his interview reveals a very different character.

From a name on the credits of some half-forgotten second features to an internationally renowned actor, adored by fans and loved by his friends, Peter became the gentle man of horror.

This documentary offers an appreciation of Peter’s rightful place in our cultural heritage and gives an insight into the lasting influence his work is still having on film and television creators today.

Documentary, 60 minutes