FILM TALK: Views & Reviews

RABBIT & SNAIL’S FILM TALK is all about the greatest films ever made and the people who make them.

From the latest releases to some of the greatest film classics, we explore the films and filmmakers that have added, and continue to add, to our growing cinematic cultural heritage.

Published weekly on our YouTube channel, each episode takes an in-depth look at a particular film or filmmaker, whether its a new release, a classic title or renowned talent from infront or behind the camera.

Our team of contributors include authors, filmmakers and film fans, who provide informed opinions, insights and reviews to help us celebrate the best films we’ve ever seen and the astonishing talent that makes them.

Our line-up currently includes director Richard Edwards, author and broadcaster Morris Bright MBE, The Hammer Runners, Phil Campbell and Brian Reynolds, and film historian, Mark Priest.