PETER CUSHING: Perspectives is a documentary that celebrates one of the UK’s finest and best loved actors, featuring some of those who knew him and worked with him during his long career.

The documentary features actors Derek Fowlds, Madeline Smith and Judy Matheson, writer Paul Welsh MBE, author and film historian Morris Bright MBE, and Hammer Runners Brian Reynolds and Phil Campbell, authors of Running Scared.

During the film they provide their own perspective on Peter, reflecting on his career, his acting style and his wonderfully warm personality, which made him popular with his fellow actors and with his fans.


Derek Fowlds was a regular fixture on our television screens for over six decades. Since winning a scholarship to RADA in 1958, he has appeared on the big-screen with the likes of Alec Guinness, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Morley and Olympia Dukakis, and has starred in a number of long running television series that have gone on to define a generation.

In At Home with Derek Fowlds, Derek talks about growing up in Berkhamsted, the wonderful support he received from his mum and how RADA changed his life, as well as giving us an insight into the many famous names that he’s worked with over the years, a real who’s who of the very best in film, television and theatre.


SHORTLY AFTER THE ROYAL PREMIERE of his final film, Biggles, internationally acclaimed actor, Peter Cushing reflected on his life and career during an hour-long interview that was thought to be lost to the archive.

In this film Peter gives us get an insight into his work that has now become an essential part of popular culture. With contributions from leading industry professionals we explore how many of the productions and producers that Peter has been associated with have added to our cultural heritage and how his legacy continues to influence filmmakers today.

PHOTO 1 - Peter Cushing In His Own Words


FILM PROJECTIONS is a short documentary that explores how the fast-moving digital revolution has created new opportunities for one of the UK’s oldest cinemas, helping them to open new screens and provide more customer choice. It’s a revolution that has provided a new lease of life for a venue that has struggled for decades to remain open as a working cinema and remain at the heart of its seaside community.

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ACTRESS JENNY QUAYLE REFLECTS on her father, legendary actor Sir Anthony Quayle. Her interview was originally recorded for our documentary STAGE DIRECTION. By way of a tribute to Sir Anthony we present this special documentary, where Jenny talks openly and at length about his life and career.

SIR ANTHONY QUAYLE had an astonishing international career that included performances in the West End and on Broadway, as well as appearing in many of the most iconic films of the last 20th century.

Jenny Quayle & Richard Edwards


IN THIS SIX PART SERIES veteran British actors Sir Anthony Quayle and Roy Kinnear are joined by leading TV executives and some of the UK’s best new acting talent to provide practical advice for those wanting to establish themselves in today’s rapidly changing entertainment industry.

We gathered some great interviews and loads of practical advice for our documentary STAGE DIRECTION, too much to inlcude in the 30 minute film. We therefore decided to produce this series to expand on the documentary and allow each of the contributors more time to expand on their invaluable advice for those wanting to make a career in the acting profession.

Noel Coward Theatre, London


IN 1984, ANTHONY QUAYLE AND ROY KINNEAR, two veterans of the stage and screen, came together in a prestigious London theatre to launch a new theatrical company and took the time to pass on their experiences to those in the acting profession coming up behind them.

Over thirty years later, STAGE DIRECTION, a documentary from RABBIT & SNAIL FILMS, revisits the theatre and asks what relevance their advice still has for actors today. STAGE DIRECTION is written and produced by Richard Edwards.