IN 1984, ANTHONY QUAYLE AND ROY KINNEAR, two veterans of the stage and screen, came together in a prestigious London theatre to launch a new theatrical company and took the time to pass on their experiences to those in the acting profession coming up behind them. Over thirty years later, STAGE DIRECTION, a new documentary from RABBIT & SNAIL FILMS, revisits the theatre and asks what relevance their advice still has for actors today.

Currently in production, STAGE DIRECTION is written and produced by Richard Edwards.

Anthony Quayle 08 Banner


KM Poster 02A SHORT FILM DOCUMENTING a stunning journey from Täsch to Zermatt and then on to the summit of the Klein Matterhorn, known as Glacier Paradise. At a height of 3,883 m (12,740 ft.), the Klein Matterhorn is the highest place in Europe that can be reached by aerial tramway.

The viewing platform at the top provides breathtaking views down to the town of Zermatt, the surrounding mountain ranges  and across to one of the most magnificent mountains in the Alps, the Matterhorn.

KLEIN MATTERHORN – GLACIER PARADISE was filmed and edited by Richard Edwards.

Klein Matterhorn - Glacier Paradise