Remembering the adorable Derek Fowlds – Here talking about working with Peter Cushing and Hammer Films

It was such an honour to know and work with Derek Fowlds. He was such an adorable, funny, caring, loving, talented person. Derek very kindly recorded a wonderful contribution for our recent Peter Cushing documentary and was due to attend the special screening on 8th February.

More recently we had been working with Derek on a special feature length documentary on his life and career. We showed the final edit to Derek and his partner Helen two weeks ago, which they enjoyed. We had hoped to release it at the end of the month, but will review our plans after today’s awful news.

Derek never had a bad word to say against anyone, he took his work very seriously and was hugely talented. His autobiography, A Part Worth Playing, written with the help of his dear friend Michael Sellers, is an incredible life story, a real page turner. He says that people think he has only ever had three jobs, Basil Brush, Yes Minister and Heartbeat. But Derek also appeared in 14 plays in the West End and was in an award winning run of Chips with Everything on Broadway. Three years ago he returned to the stage in a one-act play with his old friend, Donald Douglas.

Derek was a wonderful friend, we all enjoyed spending time with him and working with him. We were discussing exciting plans for more projects this year. Today’s news was a shock. But, when the numbness has eased, we’ll remember him with great affection and we have a wide and diverse body of work to remind us of his unique talent.