Remembering the wonderful actor Peter Cushing

It’s incredible to think that it’s 27 years since we lost the wonderful Peter Cushing. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to meet him and interview him way back in 1986. Recently we produced our feature length documentary celebrating his life and work.

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Roger Moore: His Best (and Worst) Non-Bond Films

We take a look at Sir Roger Moore’s best and worst non-James Bond films. He has made some amazing big-screen appearances, including as Pelham, The Man Who Haunted Himself in 1970, and as Flynn, one of The Wild Geese, from the hugely successful film from 1978, starring alongside Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Hardy Kruger.

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Margaret Rutherford – A Celebration of Her Life in Film

A celebration of one of the big-screen’s best loved character actresses, Dame Margaret Rutherford. We take a look at her outstanding film career, from Madame Arcati to Miss Marple, and from Passport to Pimlico to The V.I.P.s, for which she won an Oscar her portrayal of the Duchess of Brighton.

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