New documentary pays tribute to Derek Fowlds, much loved star of Yes Minister and Heartbeat

Really pleased that our new Derek Fowlds documentary, At Home with Derek Fowlds, is out now and available to rent or buy from Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo on Demand. It was an honour and a privilege to know and work with Derek. It was so sad when we lost him suddenly earlier this year.

Derek Fowlds was a regular fixture on our television screens for over six decades. Since winning a scholarship to RADA in 1958, he has appeared on the big-screen with the likes of Alec Guinness, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Morley and Olympia Dukakis, and has starred in a number of long running television series that have gone on to define a generation.

Derek Fowlds as Bernard Woolley, Yes Minister

At times Derek got very emotional as he reflected on friends, family and career, talking at length about many of the famous names he worked with on stage and on the big screen, as well as being Mr Derek alongside Basil Brush, Bernard Woolley in Yes Minister and the 18 years he spent as Oscar Blaketon on ITV’s long running drama, Heartbeat.

Our doc has become the last project that he worked on and it hopefully serves as something of a tribute to a talented actor, but more importantly, a caring, loving man.

At Home with Derek Fowlds (2020)

FEATURING Derek Fowlds, Michael Sellers, Hellen Bennett
DIR. Richard Edwards
RELEASED October 2020 – DUR 65 Mins