Exclusive Highlights – Peter Cushing Perspectives Documentary

Here’s a set of exclusive highlights from ‘PETER CUSHING: Perspectives’, our new 30 minute documentary that celebrates one of the UK’s finest and best loved actors, featuring some of those who knew him and worked with him during his long career.

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New Peter Cushing Documentary – News and Clips

What better way to mark Peter Cushing’s birthday, 26th May, than with details of a new documentary we’ve been working on, PETER CUSHING: Perspectives and a few exclusive clips.

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Robert Downey Jr | Biography | Star of Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes & Avengers: Endgame

Robert Downey Jr. is as famous these days for Tony Stark and Iron Man as he was for his many arrests on drug charges in the late 1990s. He has an incredible story, but just how did he go from drug addiction and prison to internationally acclaimed actor, with a list of films to his name that have so far made him one of the highest-grossing stars of all time? Continue reading “Robert Downey Jr | Biography | Star of Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes & Avengers: Endgame”