FILM TALK: Special Editions

As part of our love for films and filmmaking we occasionally produce special FILM TALK editions, focusing on a particular theme or topic.

On the Buses

Celebration of classic film series with Reg Varney, Anna Karen, Stephen Lewis

We continue our celebration of On the Buses with a special edition of #FILMTALK with author and broadcaster, Morris Bright MBE, who goes behind the scenes of the film series. Thanks to Morris, we’ve also got exclusive clips from never-before-seen interviews with On the Buses cast members Reg Varney, who played bus driver Stan Butler, Anna Karen with plays his sister, Olive, and Stephen Lewis, the iconic Inspector Blake. We also hear from Hammer Films’ production supervisor, Roy Skeggs. Read our blog post here.

James Bond Film Franchise

Celebrating the Best of James Bond – #FILMTALK Special

We celebrate all that’s best in the amazing James Bond film franchise, exploring our favourites and the best, including the best Bond actor, best villains, gadgets and music. We try to conclude by selecting our favourite Bond film from the whole series, but typical of our FILM TALK contributors, no one can agree and so we’ve chosen four films.

Best James Bond Movie – #FILMTALK Special

This week’s edition of FILM TALK concludes our look at the amazing James Bond film franchise by focusing on the Best bond music and our overall best Bond movie. In true FILM TALK style we can’t agree on just one film, so we’ve chosen four.

Hear our regular contributors, Morris Bright MBE, Phil Campbell, Brian Reynolds and Mark Priest make the case for The Man with the Golden Gun, Skyfall, Live and Let Die and The Spy Who Loved Me.

Best Bond Gadgets & Villains – #FILMTALK Special

Each of our regular contributors talk through their favourite Bond gadgets and villains. Whether it’s the astonishing Aston Martin DB5, which first appeared in Goldfinger, Scaramanga’s golden gun, Blofeld, Dr No or the evil Drax in Moonraker, there’s certainly plenty to choose from, each Bond movie outing a rich source of gadgets and evil villains bent on world domination.

Best Bond Ever? – #FILMTALK Special

The first special James Bobd edition of FILM TALK takes a look at the amazing James Bond film franchise and asks, ‘who is the best Bond actor ever?’ Each of our regular contributors talk through their favourite Bond and the best Bond, not always the same actor.

Carry On Film Talk

All of the FILM TALK team took a moment to contribute to a special episode celebrating our favourite Carry On films to coincide with the launch of FILM TALK in December 2018. We were invited by our friends at Carry On Blogging to write a guest blog post for them and we grabbed the opportunity to talk about one of the greatest British film franchises ever. Carry On Film Talk also includes a special guest appearance by Judy Matheson, star of Hammer Films’ Twins of Evil, along with countless other films and cult TV classics. Judy not only tells us her favourite Carry On film, but also give us an incredible World exclusive Carry On story. Read our blog post here.