On the Buses – Celebration of classic film series with Reg Varney, Anna Karen, Stephen Lewis

We continue our celebration of On the Buses with a special edition of #FILMTALK with author and broadcaster, Morris Bright MBE, who goes behind the scenes of the film series. Thanks to Morris, we’ve also got exclusive clips from never-before-seen interviews with On the Buses cast members Reg Varney, who played bus driver Stan Butler, Anna Karen with plays his sister, Olive, and Stephen Lewis, the iconic Inspector Blake. We also hear from Hammer Films’ production supervisor, Roy Skeggs.

We’ve added the first film in the series, On the Buses, which was released in 1971 to our ever growing list of the greatest films ever made, at least in our opinion. The first film became the biggest grossing film in the UK in 1971 and even out performed Sean Connery’s return to the role of James Bond in Diamonds are Forever.

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