New Documentary in Production, Peter Cushing: In His Own Words

In May 1986, shortly after the premiere of his final film, Biggles, internationally renowned actor, Peter Cushing reflected on his life during an impromptu hour-long radio interview that was thought to be lost to the archive, but is now being heard for the first time. Recently, having been recreated in CGI for the latest Star Wars episode, Rogue One, Peter proved able to continue to fascinate fans and enthral new audiences. 

We revisit the original interview and allow Peter to tell his own story. IN HIS OWN WORDS features an exclusive interview with Peter at the end of his career, and having been diagnosed with cancer, he was relaxed and on form. Over the course of an hour, he gave a unique perspective on his life as he recalled his first role in the theatre and the many film characters that he has played, including the gothic shockers from Hammer Films, Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes and Star Wars.

From a small part in Laurel and Hardy’s A Chump at Oxford to Sherlock Holmes for BBC television, and from the Baron in The Curse of Frankenstein to Grand Moff Tarkin in George Lucas’ Star Wars, Peter Cushing became the epitome of evil baddies on the silver screen. His interview, however, reveals a very different character, a gentle and warm hearted man, loved by fans, friends and colleagues alike.