GHOSTBUSTERS: 1980s originals to 2016 reboot, now Ghostbusters Afterlife in 2021

We take a look at one of the greatest film franchises of all time, the ground-breaking Ghostbusters, from the first film in 1984, with its stunning visual effects and equally stunning cast, to the OK-ish sequel in 1989 and the much criticised, but still a good film, reboot in 2016.

Now with Ghostbusters III in the pipeline, the franchise is going back to its roots with Ghostbusters Afterlife, expected later in 2021. In this edition of #FILMTALK we’re joined by Mark Priest to review all of the films in the franchise and celebrate a film series that has been a formative part of our youth, which now looks like it’s going to continue with a stunning looking Ghostbuster AFTERLIFE.

FILM TALK is our regular film review vlog that celebrates the greatest films ever made, and the people who make them.

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