Roger Moore: His Best (and Worst) Non-Bond Films

We take a look at Sir Roger Moore’s best and worst non-James Bond films. He has made some amazing big-screen appearances, including as Pelham, The Man Who Haunted Himself in 1970, and as Flynn, one of The Wild Geese, from the hugely successful film from 1978, starring alongside Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Hardy Kruger.

We also review Gold (1974), Shout at the Devil (1976), The Sea Wolves (1980), North Sea Hijack (1980) and Escape to Athena (1979). Of course, how could you forget Bullseye and The Curse of the Pink Panther, both of which are in Roger’s list of absolute worst films and should be forgotten.

Roger Moore had an outstanding film career, known to most at James Bond, the third actor to take on the role, and in many people’s view the best of the Bonds, although a highly subjective opinion. Despite his Bond fame, Roger was an accomplished actor and director on television with The Saint series, had many accomplished big-screen roles outside of the Bond franchise, but perhaps above all he was a warm hearted, generous man, whose humanitarianism is best seen through his long standing work with UNICEF. A wonderful man, sadly missed.