Roger Moore: His Best (and Worst) Non-Bond Films

We take a look at Sir Roger Moore’s best and worst non-James Bond films. He has made some amazing big-screen appearances, including as Pelham, The Man Who Haunted Himself in 1970, and as Flynn, one of The Wild Geese, from the hugely successful film from 1978, starring alongside Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Hardy Kruger.

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STAGE DIRECTION: PERSPECTIVES, Practical Advice for Actors

STAGE DIRECTION: PERSPECTIVES is our 6 part series based around our documentary STAGE DIRECTION, which offers helpful advice and tips for emerging actors, whether they’re looking for prepare for an audition or seeking ways to sustain themselves in this incredibly competitive industry. Whole series, made up of 6 x 10 minute episodes, is now available on our YouTube channel. There are also links at the bottom of this post. Continue reading “STAGE DIRECTION: PERSPECTIVES, Practical Advice for Actors”

STAGE DIRECTION: PERSPECTIVES New Series Offers Practical Advice to Today’s Emerging Actors

Noel Coward Theatre, London

In this six-part series veteran British actors Sir Anthony Quayle and Roy Kinnear are joined by leading TV executives and some of the UK’s best new acting talent to provide practical advice for those wanting to establish themselves in today’s rapidly changing entertainment industry. Continue reading “STAGE DIRECTION: PERSPECTIVES New Series Offers Practical Advice to Today’s Emerging Actors”