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PRODUCTION DIARY #10: Valerie Leon & Madeline Smith on Hammer Films, Carry-On & James Bond

Our PRODUCTION DIARY this week features two great actresses. Valerie Leon and Madeline Smith have been at the heart of British film and television since the 1960s and have appeared in the three biggest film franchises ever to come out of the UK, Hammer Films’ Gothic shockers, the classic Carry-On series and the record-breaking James Bond films. Continue reading

In Production  PETER CUSHING: In His Own Words

PRODUCTION DIARY #8: Madeline Smith on Peter Cushing, James Bond, Carry On and Hammer Films

This week’s PRODUCTION DIARY features an interview with the wonderful Madeline Smith, star of so many iconic British films and TV series. She has appeared in the three classic British film series;  the James Bond film Live and Let Die, with Roger Moore, in Carry On Matron, part of Peter Rogers’ legendary Carry-On series and no less than three of Hammer Films’ gothic horrors from the late 60s and early 70s, Taste the Blood of Dracula, The Vampire Lovers and Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell.

Continue reading