On the Buses (1971) Reg Varney, Bob Grant, Anna Karen, Stephen Lewis, Doris Hare – #FILMTALK Review

With special contributions from Brian Reynolds and Phil Campbell, who worked on the first two On the Buses films, we add the classic 1971 British comedy, On the Buses to our list of the 100 greatest films ever made, at least in our opinion. In the first of two special episodes, FILMTALK regulars, Brian and Phil recall their experiences as runners for Hammer Films in the early 1970s and working on the first two films, On the Buses in 1971 and Mutiny on the Buses in 1972.

FILM TALK is all about reviewing and appreciating the greatest films ever made. Each week we publish a new video reviewing and discussing a different classic film that is destined for our list of the 100 greatest films in cinema history, at least the 100 greatest films in our opinion.

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