Where Eagles Dare (1968) The Greatest War Film Ever Made – #FILMTALK Movie Review

In this special edition of #FILMTALK we celebrate the greatest war film ever made, at least in our opinion. Where Eagles Dare was released in 1968 and has become a classic with an appeal that endures with audiences around the world to this day.

We’re joined by FILMTALK regular, Mark Priest to look back at one of his and our favourite films. Interestingly, the screenplay was written by acclaimed thriller writer, Alistair MacLean for producers Elliott Kastner and Jerry Gershwin as a vehicle for Richard Burton. MacLean and Burton were near neighbours in Switzerland in the sixties, but despite their close proximity, they weren’t close friends.

The film also stars Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure, Ingrid Pitt, Michael Hordern, Patrick Wymark and Anton Diffring. It is directed by Brian Hutton and has an excellent musical score, from composer Ron Goodwin.

FILM TALK is our regular film review vlog that celebrates the greatest films ever made, and the people who make them.

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