STAGE DIRECTION: How To Make It As An Actor

Veteran actors SIR ANTHONY QUAYLE and ROY KINNEAR are joined by TV execs from Lime Pictures, makers of HOLLYOAKS for Channel 4, and alumni from the National Youth Theatre’s acclaimed Repertory Company to talk about the challenges facing emerging actors and to offer essential advice on HOW TO MAKE IT AS AN ACTOR. Continue reading “STAGE DIRECTION: How To Make It As An Actor”

STAGE DIRECTION: PERSPECTIVES, Practical Advice for Actors

STAGE DIRECTION: PERSPECTIVES is our 6 part series based around our documentary STAGE DIRECTION, which offers helpful advice and tips for emerging actors, whether they’re looking for prepare for an audition or seeking ways to sustain themselves in this incredibly competitive industry. Whole series, made up of 6 x 10 minute episodes, is now available on our YouTube channel. There are also links at the bottom of this post. Continue reading “STAGE DIRECTION: PERSPECTIVES, Practical Advice for Actors”