STAGE DIRECTION: How To Make It As An Actor

Veteran actors SIR ANTHONY QUAYLE and ROY KINNEAR are joined by TV execs from Lime Pictures, makers of HOLLYOAKS for Channel 4, and alumni from the National Youth Theatre’s acclaimed Repertory Company to talk about the challenges facing emerging actors and to offer essential advice on HOW TO MAKE IT AS AN ACTOR.

Anthony and Roy, who both had amazing international stage and film careers, recorded interviews in 1984 that included a whole host of advice for emerging actors. This unique film mixes those interviews with contemporary advice to show that over the decades the challenges facing actors and their best advice on how to survive in the industry has not really changed.

Part of the film was shot at the amazing Noel Coward Theatre in London’s West End, which was formerly the Albery Theatre, where the original interviews with Anthony and Roy were recorded in May 1984.