PRODUCTION DIARY #2 – Elstree Studios’ Today and Plans for the Future, with chairman, Morris Bright MBE

Morris Bright MBE, chairman of Elstree Studios, talks about his passion for the studios, the productions that are currently on-site and gives a few insights into what’s in-store for Elstree in the future.

Morris recently recorded a great interview for our documentary, PETER CUSHING: In His Own Words. Afterwards, he went on to record a couple of pieces for our PRODUCTION DIARY series.

The first was a fantastic impromptu walk around the studios, the ultimate tour of Elstree, which was the subject of our first PRODUCTION DIARY. He followed that with an interview that went on to explore what’s happening at Elstree today and gave a few insights into their plans for the future. Part of that interview is included in the second edition of our DIARY.

Elstree Studios have been home to countless classic British and international films, not least of all include Hammer Films, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Currently Elstree also plays host to a diverse line-up of television productions, including The Crown, Big Brother and even Strictly Come Dancing.

Coming up we also have PRODUCTION DIARIES in the pipeline from the co-authors of Running Scared, a wonderful book packed with inside stories from two former runners at Hammer Films, Brian Reynolds and Phil Campbell, as well as Hammer stars, Bond-girls and Carry-on team members Valerie Leon and Madeline Smith, and star of Frankenstein Created Woman and Yes Minister, the wonderful Derek Fowlds.

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