FILM TALK Episode #13: Victim (1961), Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Syms, Dennis Price, dir. Basil Dearden

Victim is a classic 1961 British suspense film directed by Basil Dearden and starring Dirk Bogarde and Sylvia Syms. Bogarde plays a successful barrister, Melville Farr, who has a thriving London practice and is on course to become a judge and is happily married to Laura, played by Sylvia Syms. Farr is approached by Jack, a working class man with whom he had a brief relationship. Farr turns him away, suspecting that he is attempting to blackmail him, but Jack has fallen victim to blackmailers himself and is desperate for help. Championed by Morris Bright.

Farr takes on the blackmail gang and attempts to enlist the help of the others that are being blackmailed, including a leading actor played by Dennis Price. Eventually Farr agrees to help the police and give evidence on court after his apartment is vandalised by the blackmailers. Victim premiered in London on 31 August 1961 and was the first English language film to use the word “homosexual”.

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