PRODUCTION DIARY #1: Ultimate Tour of Elstree Studios with chairman, Morris Bright MBE

Production of our documentary, PETER CUSHING: In His Own Words is well underway and to help keep everyone informed of our progress we’re launching a new regular VLOG series that goes behind the scenes of our films to meet those who are taking part and to look at some of the great locations that we get to visit.

We’re delighted that our first PRODUCTION DIARY is with Morris Bright MBE, chairman of Elstree Studios, who takes us on an amazing impromptu tour of the world-famous studios, home to Hammer Films, Star Wars, The Crown, Big Brother and even Strictly Come Dancing.

We turned up at Elstree Studios on day-one, week-one of production to start recording contributions for the documentary and were met by Morris, who insisted on giving us an a tour of the studios before we settled down to record his interview. Our first PRODUCTION DIARY features around 10 minutes of that ultimate tour of Elstree, with one of the most passionate exponents of film and television, Morris Bright.

After the tour we also recorded a short interview about what’s happening at Elstree today and what’s in-store for the studios in the future. That interview forms our second PRODUCTION DIARY, which is out next week.

Coming up we also have PRODUCTION DIARIES in the pipeline from the co-authors of Running Scared, a wonderful book packed with inside stories from two former runners at Hammer Films, Brian Reynolds and Phil Campbell, as well as Hammer stars, Bond-girls and Carry-on team members Valerie Leon and Madeline Smith, and star of Frankenstein Created Woman and Yes Minister, the wonderful Derek Fowlds.

Our VLOGS will be posted each week here on our website and on our YouTube channel. More information on upcoming episodes and other news related to our films can be found here on our blog, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.